The Team at Munchkins

Munchkins is run entirely by volunteers with no paid staff. We always welcome new adult volunteers so please get in touch if you are interested.

Tammy Marx - Trustee and Yard Manager

Nicky Hitchock - Trustee

Emma Fidge - Volunteer and Adminstrator

Beth Mannings- Online Show Coordinator

Ken Lavery - Volunteer

Rachael Mellor - Volunteer

Terry - Volunteer

Tori Ward - Volunteer

Gillian Stocker - Volunteer

Yvonne Dale - Volunteer

Paul Marx - Trustee

Mary Dean - Trustee and Events Coordinator

Justine Ward - Volunteer

Mickey Killick - Volunteer

Krys Lavery - Volunteer

Gwen Owen - Volunteer

Felicity Marx - Volunteer

Maia Jenkins - Volunteer

Rozzie Gurr - Volunteer

Maisie Wake - Behaviourist and Massage Therapist

Anna Leggett - Trustee and Bookkeeper

Jane Walters - Trustee and Rehoming Coordinator

Ann Knight - Volunteer

Dianne Reilly - Volunteer

Claire Davis - Volunteer

Angie - Volunteer

Jenny Hine - Volunteer

Izzy Orchard - Volunteer

 Angela Ollive - Volunteer

Catherine Bradley - Equine Podiatrist