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Corporate Sponsors

We would like to thank the following companies for supporting us:


Support Adoption for Pets

For numerous donations totaling over £40,000 towards vet bills, field shelters and a custom built horse box.

Their most recent grant was received in March 2021 totalling £5,000 to cover vet bills and feed bills.


Sustainable Furniture

For kindly donating two picnic benches.


Jean Sainsbury Animal Welfare Trsut

For a £5,000 grant towards our custom built horsebox and £2,000 of emergency Covid funding. 

Animal friends.jpg

Animal Friends

For a £2,500 grant towards ongoing vet bills.


The Norman Family Charitable Trust

For a grant of £1,000 towards ongoing costs. We are going to use this to pay our recent fencing repairs. 


Global Herbs

For regularly donating us different herbal supplement products for our ponies who are elderly or have particular health issues. 

Marchig Logo (High Res).jpg

The Marchig Animal Welfare Trust

For a grant of £3,000 to go towards our stable block.

Veitch Penny logo_0.jpg

Veitch Penny Solicitors

For sponsoring our annual summer fayre.

JS Electrical .png

JS Electrical

For providing electrical services free of charge. Now, our custom built stable block has electricity and lights!

Woodland shavings.jpg

Woodland Shavings

For kindly donating a pallet of wood shavings to use for our stables.


Animal Rescue Foundation

For a grant to purchase a new field shelter.



For £3,000 towards our off-road vehicle and £7,500 of emergency Covid funding.


Paws Rosettes & Ribbons

For kindly supplying rosettes for our sponsor packs and annual dog show free of charge. 


Poo Post

For regularly testing our ponies poo samples for worm counts free of charge. 

Stable Block.jpg

The Hilda Homes Trust Fund

For on going financial support to go towards our infrastructure such as important drainage works and fencing.

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