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Our Facilities

Unknown to most people, Shetlands have more specialist needs than horses. At Munchkins, we are able to facilitate Shetlands with complex needs and have the following facilities:

Custom Built Stables

Built in 2019, our stable block is built specifically for Shetlands with low doors, low internal walls so the ponies can see each other and a sand area connecting the 2 blocks. The stable block is ideal for ponies who need time off grass or who are unwell.


Concrete Yard

To provide hard standing when the fields become wet and muddy in the winter. It is also good for those who need time off grass to move around and not be shut in.

Lammy paddock.jpg

Enrichment Area

For our laminitic ponies who cannot be on grass. This area allows them to have freedom to move around with toys, logs, poles and areas to explore.

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Isolation Paddock

For new arrivals to settle in separate from the rest of the herd. New arrivals are tested for diseases upon arrival and spend 3 weeks in isolation with their own shelter.



Custom Built Lorry

We are able to safely transport the ponies to vet visits and to go out fundraising. We received grants for the lorry from Jean Sainsbury and the Pets at Home Foundation.

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A large space to store hay, straw and feed and a dry area for our ponies to come into.


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