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Rehome a Pony

We often have ponies that are available for rehoming. If you are interested in rehoming,  please complete a rehoming application form.
Please note, we only tend to rehome within 50 miles of our centre in Colyton, East Devon. Any potential homes outside of this radius are assessed on an individual basis at our discretion.


Once you have visited Munchkins and we have mutually agreed on a suitable pony, we will come and do a home check, send a copy of our contract and explain how the process works. It may take a few weeks before your pony is ready to rehome. During this time, you are encouraged to visit as often as you like. Our ponies are checked by our vet before they leave to certify that they are fit to travel. A rehoming donation of between £150 - £500 applies (depending on the pony) plus a monthly donation to the charity's members club.

We currently have very few ponies available for rehoming.  If you are prepared to take on a pony with multiple health complaints or behavioural problems, please complete the application form and submit this to us along with photographs and we will consider your application.

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